New Physical Security Systems Are Necessary!

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.


Nowadays, social networks representing a unpredictable cutting edge computing environment and SNS have connected anyone in the world via various devices and flat forms.  There is great amount of information in it.  It seems it is not fiction but real that the world is made of binary like movies “Matrix” or “Lucy”. Highly developed ICT technology could resolve all problems. We live in Digilogue era that fulfills analogue nostalgia through digital products.
As this cutting edge technology provides us with convenience and access to unlimited information, paradoxically we may be living in the ‘Black Swan’ era Dr. Taleb mentioned that an event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and that would be extremely difficult to predict. For this reason, security has come to the main stage above all other values. Even though public sectors and companies have spent all lot to protect their security and information, unfortunately all sorts of policies, regulations, and security solutions have not guaranteed or insured them against threatening. In this sense they have acknowledged this risk and have changed the security policy turning to manage and control.
We, have devoted ourselves to develop security products fitting trends of multi-level security management for years, and introduced physical security ones which prevent I/O ports and main system from risks and secure visibility.

Necessary And Sufficient Condition of Security Solution

– Changes of security perception (Difficulty of access, internal, and exception controls)
– Light, Independent, verifiable security circumstance,
– Compliance whit various IT standards and protocols
– Multi-level security plan operating both software and physical securities
– Effectiveness: Software Security < Physical Security < Changes of Security Perception
– After all delaying mechanism that utilizes several methods to load a work factor is essential

Current Security Environment

– Difficult of distinguish and control risks on distributed networks enabled computing environment
– Hard to maintain under multi-level security systems and manage remaining risk
– Highly excessive costs of security solutions
– Problematic to get efficient and measurable ROI
– Endless risk management, All these efforts could fail even whit encryptions and security solutions
– Challenging security control against inside leaking and hacking from outside
– Almost impossible to regulate hidden channels and backdoors every system has
– Highly difficult to protect against Zero-day attack and supervisor resource patching and updates
– Stressful of comply whit numerous regulations, privacy acts, security codes, and laws

Better Understanding of Smart Keeper

– First ever physical system security products that certified and patented
– Essential must have physical security products that control I/O and system itself under computing environments
– No electricity and applications required
– No conflict with software based security solutions
– Selective controls possible for in use ports and not in use, and/or insiders and visitors
– Not dummy locks but secured locks preventing penetration
– Not for sale to public sector
– Lock key serial management enabling to track and invalidate
– Numerous patterned lock keys

Smart Keeper Effect

– Via SSO (Single Sign On), one point access control with only a lock key
– Various products line ups and quick client support
– Continuous new products development and updates
– Great delay mechanism
– Just lock, quick and easy leaking & breaking checkup
– Perfect for IT compliance regrading controlling ports and outsiders
– Huge benefits of security environment against the cost to equipped
– System independent, minimum effort to maintain to patch and update
– Certified and proven with many references

Why Smart Keeper?

Smart Keeper that produces hundreds keys is not for public sales. Each lock key has its own traceable serial number that reduces management risks. With SSO (Single Sign On) all input and output ports can be managed with 1 or 2 keys.

he Smart Keeper is pure independent security device that can be detached and realizes delay mechanism. Because it works under a physical method, it is absolutely system independent and saves overhead and maintenance costs such as patching and monitoring. For instance, if a security solution physical and logical combined exists, what this means is a software based security because a logical security is primary. Therefore it is just redundant. Moreover if a logical security is broken then a physical security could rather be an obstacle to clear than protect system as another security layer. It is basic that system is efficient as it is independent and verifiable security system. This is why global enterprises that operating top of the line logical security solutions introduce Smart Keeper products.

Smart Keeper that produces hundreds keys is not for public sales. Each lock key has its own traceable serial number that reduces management risks. With SSO (Single Sign On) all input and output ports can be managed with 1 or 2 keys.

With Smart Keeper products providing SSO, you don’t have to pay extra costs to install solutions, equipment, and devices for each port. It is even great to control visitors’ unexpected activities to equip with USBs, networks, E-SATA ports regardless in use or empty, and PC locks. We keep supporting upgrades and developing new products.

Smart Keeper has patents and ISO9001 certified. Since all products have passed insulation test and several proof tests, they are safe to system protection.

Since 2010 SmartKeeper has been sold to Singapore government, numerous Korean government, agencies,
and big companies as many as 400 places, and still expanding.

SmartKeeper is simple but cost effective, and the first pure physical security devices to control and manage systems. It fits ISMS, privacy security acts.


ProduktSmart KeeperInne rozwiązanie zabezpieczenia fizycznegoZabezpieczenia typu Media Control Software
CharakterystykaPełna linia produktów zabezpieczających z możliwością dostępu za pomocą jednego klucza.Blokada portów USB oraz RJ 45 Wiele dostępnych rozwiązań zabezpieczających
Patenty / Certyfikaty6 patentów w Korei, 6 patentów oczekujących w Korei, 7 patentów oczekujących w Europie, wiele testów oraz certyfikatów.Brak dostępnych informacjiRóżne dla każdego rozwiązania (certyfikat CC)
Koszty wdrążenia20 Procent kosztów oprogramowaniaDwukrotnie większe niż w Smart KeeperBardzo wysokie koszty
Koszty utrzymaniaBrak kosztów utrzymania lub modernizacjibrakKoszty ogólne, dodatki i aktualizacje
EfektWizualne ostrzeżenie odstraszające, Pierwsza warstwa zabezpieczeń z wielu warstw zabezpieczającychOstrzeżenie wizualne, odpowiednie dla użytku detalicznegoTrudno uzyskać zwrot z inwestycji,
ZaletyPełna lista portów I / O (wyjścia i wejścia) systemu oraz blokada PC / laptop, blokada mobilna SSO (Single Sign On) - kontroluje wiele portów jednym kluczem. Nie dostępna dla sprzedaży detalicznej. Wiele pozytywnych referencji (1000+)Łatwe do usunięcia, łatwe w obsłudze i dostępne dla sektora publicznego lub przedsiębiorstw.
Tylko 4-5 wzorów zabezpieczeń , Brak pełnej linii produktów.
Bezpieczeństwo logiki strukturalnej, ryzyko hakerskie, wiele konkurencyjnych rozwiązań, trudne do zastosowania.
DodatkiBrak naruszenia międzynarodowego patentu 2015, 2016 nagroda PatentowaBrak kluczy dostępowych - jedynie uniwersalne wzory zabezpieczeń.