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What is Smart Keeper?

One of critical security issues we have encountered these days is data breach, e.g. companies’ and customers’ confidential information, via I/O ports including USB ports, network ports, fiber optic ports, or system internal devices including HDDs or memories. Also there are extreme dangers of viruses on backbone networks penetrated through I/O ports. Smart Keeper designed to block and delay these attacks is an essential system independent physical security solution.

World’s First Ever Physical IT Security System

Every unsecured port is a threat !

Pure physical security system, it’s important.

Why do you need Smart Keeper?

· Any system can be breached or hacked!
· First ever physical security system to add an additional layer of security.
· As the strong deterrent, Smart Keeper provides visual warning signs, strong defense against unwanted penetration.
· Numerous key patterns not for sale to the public control a whole site.
· One key controls various ports if needed.


Award-winning security solution.

· 2015 Ji SeokYoung Awards by Korean Intellectual Property Office – USB Port Lock
· 2016 Patent Awards by Hankook Ilbo – LanCable Lock
· 2014 Award by Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency
· 2015 Award by Gyeonggi Knowledge Center
· 2016 Award by Korea Small and Medium Business Administration


Who already use Smart Keeper?

· Over 300 sites in Korean Government
· Over 200 sites in major companies and financial instituions
· Over 20 sites in manufacturing facilities
· Government of Singapore

Advantages of Smart Keeper

The whole new type of security products

1. Security Level UP!

Preventing inside data, delay mechanism

– Deliver visual warning message
– Prevent viruses from outside
– Control and manage outsiders
– No retail products

2. User Friendly

Each lock key has its own number

– Visible to lock or unlock
– Easy to control and manage outsiders
– Possible to setup security levels
– No other tools necessary
– Simple and fast to install and remove


3. Proven Expandability & Stability

First physical security line-up in the market

– One key controls all locks
– Working on manufacturing systems security solutions cannot be installed
– Network and fiber optic ports supported
– Infrastructure, public sectors, government, big companies now using

4. Economical

Compared to current security solutions, very low costs to launch and maintain

– Flexible to introduce gradually following security policy and budget
– No extra cost to upgrade for new viruses
– Minimum overhead required to maintain
– No minimum purchase required
– Semi-permanentSmart

Meet Smart Keeper Lineup

Because the data and informations are priceless

USB Physical Security

– USB Port Lock
– USB Closing Lock
– Link Lock
– Link Lock Hub
– USB Cable Lock (soon)
read more

System Physical Security

– PC Lock
– Laptop Lock
read more

Network Physical Security

– Network Port Lock
– Lan Cable Lock
– SFP Fiber Optic Module Lock
– Fiber Optic Port Lock (GBIC Lock)
read more

Other Physical Security

– E-SATA, HDMI Lock (soon)
– USB 3.1 Lock (soon)
– Mobile Lock (soon)
– Universal Lock Key
read more


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